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"Rusgraphene" conducts fundamental and applied research, as well as development work to create innovative products and technologies based on graphene and other two-dimensional materials.

We will help you formulate a realistic technical task and implement the full R&D cycle on a modern scientific and production base, with the involvement of leading domestic experts, guaranteeing the safety of confidential information and high quality results.

"Rusgraphene" produces various types of graphene and other 2D materials intended for the modernization of a wide range of products and technologies. Among the actively developing areas of development of our company is the creation of graphene additives that significantly improve the properties of:

  • Concrete and other building materials;
  • Paints and other protective coatings;
  • Conductive ink;
  • Composite materials


We are open for cooperation and are ready to advise you on the implementation of graphene and its derivatives in your business.

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