Highly effective graphene-based anti-corrosion coatings


Rusgraphene specialists are actively studying and applying the unique properties of graphene to create a new generation of highly effective anti-corrosion paints. The company has developed an innovative protective coating based on functional graphene additives, as well as a technology for modifying the existing anti-corrosion epoxy paints on the market using graphene materials (unoxidized graphene, graphene oxide and reduced graphene oxide).

The prospects for using graphene in the paint industry are determined by a number of its outstanding properties:
  • Graphene is hydrophobic and absolutely impervious to liquids and gases, including aggressive compounds;
  • Graphene has a high electrical and thermal conductivity, while being the strongest, lightest and finest substance known to man;
  • Graphene is chemically neutral, stable and environmentally friendly.
The use of functional additives based on graphene in anticorrosive coatings significantly increases their barrier and shielding properties, gives them the ability to self-repair, improves the effect of cathodic protection of metals and eliminates the use of toxic chromium-containing additives.

These advantages are realized in paint coatings developed by specialists of the company Rusgrafen. We also proposed methods for modifying the marketed protective coatings based on epoxy paints using graphene materials (unoxidized graphene, graphene oxide and reduced graphene oxide). The solutions are primarily applicable for corrosion protection of the external and internal surfaces of steel pipes and components of metal structures in an aggressive marine climate.
Rusgraphene is open for cooperation and is ready to implement its developments in the production process, as well as to conduct joint research and development on mutually beneficial conditions.



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