What is graphene and where is it used?

Graphene is a two-dimensional nanomaterial consisting of a single layer of carbon arranged in regular hexagons - hexagons.

Ideal graphene combines unique properties:

  • the thinnest material in the world is low in one atom;
  • the most durable material in the world - Young's modulus of more than 1 TPa;
  • has a large electrical conductivity - mobility of charges of more than 1,000,000 cm2/V∙s;
  • has high thermal conductivity up to 5000 W/m∙K;
  • optical transparent in a wide range from UV to IR;
  • flexible and elastic;
  • chemical inert.


  • wide range photo detectors (light sensors)
    gas sensors (sensors of various types of gases and humidity)t
    elements of microelectronics (diodes and others)
         batteries and supercapacitors (ionistors)
    фотодетекторы в широком диапазоне (датчики света)
  • газовые сенсоры (датчики различных видов газов и влажности)
  • транзисторы
  • элементы микроэлектроники (диоды и другие)
  • аккумуляторы и суперконденсаторы (ионисторы)

Flexible transparent electrodes

  • solar panels
  • touch displays
  • LEDs


  • sensors, sensors of substances (markers of substances and bacteria)
  • adsorbent coatings

Composite materials

  • conductive plastics and polymers
  • heat conducting polymers
  • increased strength in plastics and body armor
  • increased wear resistance in rubber
  • increased moisture resistance in concrete and cement mixtures

Functional Coatings

  • anticorrosion paints
  • heat conductive paints
  • conductive inks and paints (heating, antistatic and shielding paints)

Lubricants for lubricants and fluids (modifying additive)

Filtration and desalination

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