Electrically conductive graphene paints for flexible electronics, robotics, shielding and heating coatings

Our specialists developed a line of conductive paints and inks based on graphene, designed for printing flexible electronic devices and replacing metal wires in robotics, to create shielding and heat-conducting coatings. The line is launched on the market under the Pentronica brand.

In the next nine years, the flexible electronics market will grow at an accelerated pace: from $ 41.2 billion in 2020 to $ 74 billion in 2030 (IDTechEx study “Printed, Organic & Flexible Electronics Forecasts, Players & Opportunities 2020-2030 "). An urgent task for the nascent industry is the development of effective electrically conductive paints and inks that do not lose their properties when applied to thin, flexible and flexible polymer substrates. The compositions used today with the addition of metal micro- or nanoparticles (silver, copper, nickel, etc.) have a number of serious drawbacks. Metal particles are easily oxidizable, have a high percolation threshold and are expensive.

Specialists found an alternative solution. The result of our R&D was a line of electrically conductive paints and inks based on graphene - an ultra-thin, light, chemically stable, flexible and flexible substance with high thermal and electrical conductivity.

The line of graphene paints and inks is presented on the market under the Pentronika brand and is designed to create flexible flex cables and electrical boards, RFID and NFC tags by screen and inkjet printing methods. Pentronic conductive ink applied to the surface of parts can be used instead of metal wires, which will greatly simplify designs in robotics. Graphene paints are also applicable as effective antistatic, shielding and heating coatings.

You can find out information about the technical specifications of Pentronics graphene inks and inks using the feedback form.
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