High strength and smart concrete reinforced with graphene


Rusgraphene specialists are developing graphene additives to significantly improve the physicochemical properties of building materials, especially concrete. Concrete dispersion-reinforced with microparticles of graphene demonstrates outstanding strength and deformation characteristics.

The introduction of graphene suspensions into the concrete mix allows to increase the concrete strength by almost two - by 150% compressive strength and bending strength by 80%. In this case, the heat capacity of concrete material increases by 90%, and water permeability drops by 400%. At the same time, the service life of concrete products is increased and the mass fraction of cement in concrete production is reduced, which reduces the environmental load on the environment. [article in the journal Advanced Functional Materials].

R&D carried out by Rusgraphene confirms the high efficiency of using graphene additives to improve the operational and technical properties of building materials. We have accumulated unique experience in the production of graphene powders and suspensions, as well as in the methods of dispersion reinforcing graphene microparticles of concrete products, taking into account the specific conditions of their operation.

We are open for cooperation and are ready to implement our developments in the production process, as well as conduct joint R&D on mutually beneficial conditions.



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